Engage your customers
and grow your business
with video.

(Right here in Amarillo.)


  • Have a feeling you should be using video for business.
  • Are watching the weeks go by without videos being made.
  • Have a rising stress that you aren’t engaging your customers as you could be.
  • Feel unsure of how video fits in with your business. 
  • Decided to learn how to do some video for yourself but got discouraged at some point in the process and gave up.
  • Are in serious need of someone to help you come up with a plan and execute it too.

You might be one, some, or all of those things. It's a paralyzing and frustrating place to be. 

But imagine having a video strategy that...

  • Holds your audience’s attention.
  • Establishes your credibility.
  • Builds trust with your customers.
  • Makes you the no-brainer, go-to choice in your industry.

How does video do that? By being helpful, informative, and interesting to your customers. If you help them, they are far more likely to remember you.

That's the high-level concept. Here are some bare bones stats about the current state of video for business. Observe... 

90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process^

4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.^^

Digital video ad spending.^^^

87% of online marketers use video content.^^^^

(Historical and projected numbers in billions of dollars.)
Sources: [^] [^^] [^^^] [^^^^]


I help small businesses in Amarillo with their video strategy.

I advise you on how to use videos, then I create them.
It's like I'm a caddy that also makes your golf balls.


I am not a marketer, advertising agency, or social media manager. But I am a video creation expert who can give you simple, straight forward advice on how to use your videos. (This means I work great with marketers too.)


Q: What do you mean by "strategy"?

You and I sit down and figure out how we can best use video for your business. We develop a plan of action and answer questions like:

  • Paid advertising or organic growth on social media?
  • How many videos do I make over the course of a year?
  • What do I show in my videos?
  • How do I provide value to my customers through video?
  • Which video-hosting platforms are best?
  • What are the pain points in your customers' lives we can speak to and build trust around?

Q: What if I already know my strategy for video?

You should start patting that back of yours because you are ahead of the game, my friend! Now you and I can sit down and start talking about our plan for making them.

Here's some of my work.