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Hello, I'm Nate!



I help video creators reach the next level in their confidence and craft.

If you're obsessed with making videos, and with trying to get better, you're in the right place.


I know you. You're a creator. And you're getting paid (or hoping to get paid) to make videos for businesses/organizations. You love learning about every aspect of video production because every new thing you learn fuels your obsession to create something incredible. 

You love videos that don't mess around. You know them when you see them. The kind of video that gives you chills, makes you slap your desk with inspiration, or actually causes you to run away from your computer screaming "LET'S GOOO!" (I've never done that, just guessing.) 

But you don't know how to make that kind of video. At least not yet. Between you and that level of awesome is a lot of knowledge and experience. And before you get paid to make those videos, you probably need to have a nice long walk with your lack of self-confidence too.

I've been there. (Still am sometimes.)

This site is a collection of the things I've learned.

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And it's tailored to the needs of the community that reads it. Stick around and you'll learn about...

  • Equipment
  • Camera settings
  • How to make better images
  • What makes a great video in the first place.

This looks like guides, how-to's, reviews, and more that will help spur you on to the next level of your filmmaking journey. I'll give you specific instruction in all three phases of video production–Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. There will also be occasional business tips.

Neither of us have time to waste, so I will do my best to keep this thing useful.

But, what do I know?


Well, I'm always learning, but I have been employed making videos for almost 10 years. And I've been able to successfully fund my life and provide for my family as a full time freelancer for 2 years.

I've made more videos than I can count; commercials, storytelling videos, social media videos, and a lot more. I've probably shot over 200 interviews. (You can see some of my work here.)

In 2016, I received a regional Emmy nomination as an editor.

I once made a video that was shown to a former President of the United States.

But does that actually matter?

What impresses me is the ability to keep learning no matter how much you've accomplished. Regardless of how much information and experience you obtain in filmmaking, there's always something new to learn. I'm a student, and I want to share what I have learned so far with you. I'm pretty much addicted to "aha" moments, the times when a new piece of information changes my perspective. This blog exists to create those same moments for others.

Stick around?

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